Reconstructive Surgery

What is Reconstructive Surgery?


Restorative Surgery, also known as Reconstructive Surgery has long been a well established branch of Plastic Surgery and forms the core of plastic surgical training. Specialist plastic restorative and reconstructive surgeons use their skills to reconstruct the face and body after birth defect, trauma or disease with the goal to render not only the best functional but aesthetic results.

We at REBORN, does following reconstructive procedures:

  •     Cleft Lip & Palate Repair
  •     Ear Reconstruction
  •     Facial Trauma Treatment
  •     Facial Reanimation
  •     Microvascular Free Tissue Transfer
  •     Nose Reconstruction
  •     Scar Treatment
  •     Skin Cancer
  •     Breast reconstruction in breast cancer patients
  •     Post traumatic reconstructive procedures

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